Sunday, December 13, 2009

getting fresh with the fans

Pics courtesy of Roger Harrison and Big Al Stamper

What a long and strange trip it has been.

We all made some new friends

Anyway down to business.
Who won?
Who got paid?

Karen "The Rockett" Brockett! Thats who got paid in the Womens Open race. This young lady put on quite a show and kept the hammer down all day

Mirror, mirror on the wall.....
Who's the biggest sandbagger of them all?
Not only does he pay his entry fee with a ziplock bag full of loose change, takes peanut butter and cardboard handups, and scares of wildlife with his musk, Mark Smelser won the Mens 3/4 and the Mens Open races, back to back.

Jeff Unruh won the Masters 45+ race

Robert Cummings won the Masters 35+ race

Dan Oldehoeft won the SS race

Casey Buta won the mens 4's race.

We all witnessed the fitness as Claire Armstrong rode away from the Womens Cat. 4 field in her first ever CX race

Paulette Arnold walked away with the Double Down award from the Manhatttan Running Co for being the highest combined finisher in the XC running race and the CX race.

The rest of the results are here

orientation fail!


  1. Great race Josh, Thank you and all the Bad Goats for putting this together

  2. Super course!! And the weather was just about perfect too.